About Us

The Directorate of Institute of Preventive Medicine, Public Health Laboratories and Food [Health] Administration handles matters of concern to public health.
The main functions and services of the Directorate are:
  • Virology Laboratory - Influenza-A (H1N1) Diagnosis
  • BSQC - Diagnosis of Dengu, Chickengunya, Meascles, Rubella
  • International Vaccination
  • Water Analysis
  • Anti Rabies Clinic
  • Food Safety Telangana
  • State Food Laboratory Nacharam
  • Pathological tests like CBP, ESR, HB% etc.
  • Biochemical tests like Blood Sugar, Blood Urea etc.
  • Serological test like Widal, VDRL HbsAg etc.
  • Bacteriological tests like culture & sensitivity tests.
  • Mycological tests.(Fungal Tests)
  • HIV Screening. Weston blot
  • Ultra sound